STP won't accept my full file replacement

KarenC Member Posts: 4

I discovered an error in my last pay event and had to edit the pay to correct it. I just tried to do a full file replacement and it does not offer me the date of my last (or any previous) submission to replace.

What am I doing wrong?



  • Rav
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    Hi @KarenC

    Full File Replacement can only be used to fully replace the last successful submission you've sent through. It cannot replace any submissions that returned an error or any other status and/or is not the last successful submission.

    FFR is typically only used when something has gone catastrophically wrong and you need to replace the entire previous submission.

    Is there anything specific you're attempting to correct/edit from the previous submission?

  • KarenC
    KarenC Member Posts: 4

    Thanks Rav. Yes, the last submission that I'm trying to replace was successful.

    The specific thing I'm correcting is the gross payment, and the tax and super accruals for one employee. The employee was overpaid so the balance is attributed to Sundry debtors ("Deduction" item in payroll - in this case a positive amount)

    Should I be doing it as an Update event for just the one employee?

  • Rav
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    Hmmm a tad strange that its not being accepted in this case then if its the previous submission 🤔

    From what you've described though, an Update Event certainly sounds like the better option in this case and I'll link some info to this below -

    Another thing I'll add though, STP is reported on a Year To Date basis only so if you have any further submissions that you'll be sending soon, it'll automatically update the YTD balances now that you've made your corrections.

  • KarenC
    KarenC Member Posts: 4

    Thank you.

    I submitted the one employee's changed figures as an Update event, and the portal accepted it - so far! I can't rely on the next submission as the employee is not included in this week's pay run (they are an occasional casual).

    I'll also finalise the year today so I hope it is all correct at the ATO end when I'm done.

  • Kris_Williams
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    FYI - the EOFY submission picks up on all employees throughout the year, and these are the figures you should check against your payroll totals in Reckon for the year