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Currently we sell items that would be considered assemblies and call them “Concept Product”

We have not set assemblies up for various reasons and have the following system in place

1. We raise a Sales order which has a full description of the “concept product” we are suppling the Client and it matches the Quotation word for word and needs to as we are B2 to B

2 We cant raise a pick slip from the above SO so the individual items that make up the “Concept Product” for picking in the warehouse a new pick slip is raised for the items to be picked.

My question is does the Pick Slip change the inventory qty or is it the invoice that changes qty?


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    Hi @dovecote

    " ... it matches the Quotation word for word and needs to as we are B2 to B ..."

    A Sales Order (SO) is just YOUR internal (non-posting) record of what the customer is ordering from you - it doesn't necessarily need to match word-for-word as the customer doesn't usually even see this form 😊

    Are you utilising the Estimates feature in RA Premier for your quotations ?

    You don't say why you're not using Assemblies but this would be your best & most efficient option as the program tracks not only the individual assembly component Item qtys but all the qtys of the actual Assembly Item too. You could then raise a Pick Slip from your SO & keep everything neatly linked ☺️

    Inventory is specifically always impacted by sales (Invoices & Sales Receipts) & purchases (Bills, Cheques, Credit Card Charges) only. You can also specify in your Preferences (under the Edit dropdown menu) if you want non-posting entries to also be taken into account:

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