How do I access old back-updated Reckon data

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Hi Folks

I have a very old version desktop version of QuickBooks (2010/11 QBI Series)., or maybe even 2009-10. When I try and log in I get the error message attached.

I also have a data file back-up from June 2019. It only has some minimal transactional data on there (no payroll or enormous data file)

Due to Covid and a death in the family I havent touched the data since June 2019.

What do I need to do to access the backed up data file? Can I sign up to a new online Reckon/QuickBooks subscription and then somehow convert my old backed-up data file to the new version.

I rang the Desktop helpline (1800 732 566) but got a message saying it wasnt during office hours even though it was about 4.40pm AEST.

Thanks all you good folk in advance for any advice I can get, as I need to get onto of some outstanding tax issues.




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    Hi Peter

    Are you looking to start utilising the program again going forward or you just need to access your data as a one-off for the last time ?

    I'd suggest downloading a free trial of the current (2023 R1) Reckon Accounts version (make sure it's at least the same "flavour" as your existing one or higher eg Accounting, Plus, Premier) & you should be able to "Update" your existing old company file to open in there. If you want to continue accessing it beyond the trial period, you'll need to pay the annual licence subscription.

    Feel free to email me direct & if necessary, I should be able to get the latest version licence at a heavily discounted price for you 😊

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