How to export a list of Employee Super details and bank details

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Hi there,

I need to export a list of employee super fund details (fund, member no. etc) and their bank details yet when I run an employee list or export the List to an IIF file - this info isn't included.

I understand this may be due to a security protection issue for the bank account details - but surely there is a work-around? I need to setup a new payroll system and it will be a very slow process if I need to manually add in all bank and super info.

Thanks in advance, Rosie


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    Hi @Rosie

    Yes, not being able to automatically generate this in list form is a frustrating issue! 😤

    Many years ago, all of these details DID display in the List reports. I don't think it's due to privacy as TFNs & other sensitive info is still reportable, but when ABA files (for online banking) features were introduced into the program, the system changed.

    If you currently use ABA files now, you can use the Online Banking report for the last payroll export & last lot of Super payments. This is under the Reports dropdown menu > Banking > Bank (Online) Report:

    You could use the latest Super Data Report for the employee's Super - This will display the Payroll Item, Fund Name & USI (but not the Member No. 🙄)

    This report is under the Employees dropdown menu & it's used for generating a SAFF file (for exporting & upload into your Super Clearing House):

    Another way around it is to add Custom Fields to your employee records for these details & add these columns to the List report. This is a bit cumbersome though & is rather inefficient to set up when the info is already entered elsewhere in the record.

    Failing the above, you might just find it easier to generate & print this info from your Super Clearing House & online banking Payee List/Address Book instead 🙄😩

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