Error c= 343 in Reckon 2023

Hi - just downloaded Reckon Desktop 2023 and have the C = 343 error code when I try to open my file. I see other people have had this problem many years ago so all the fixes look to be a bit outdated. Has anyone had this recently and know of the current fix? Tech Support are supposed to be contacted but of course I just hit the weekend... Was hoping to do some catching up over next couple of days. Thanks.


  • Reeta
    Reeta Reckon Staff Posts: 51 Reckon Staff

    Hi @TPAReckon ,

    I'm sorry to learn about the error you're encountering while attempting to open the file. There could be several reasons for this issue, so it's essential to examine the file more closely and conduct further investigation. Could you kindly send me a private message with your information so that I can get in touch with you?

    Kind regards,