Added New Currency - Inverse Rate Used By Reckon Accounts.

I have a number of cash accounts with small amounts in foreign currencies. When doing a Net Worth report the conversions to Australian Dollar is correct except that now I have added in a Singapore Dollar cash account the Net Worth report is showing the inverse Australian Dollar amount for the SGD (all the rest are still correct). The rates shown in the Currency List are all correct and updating properly (including the Singapore Dollar).

Any suggestions how to correct this would be appreciated.


  • fpilot
    fpilot Member Posts: 16 ✭✭

    Very strange, it has come good today. Maybe it is because I created a new file and a SGD cash account which worked fine. I did, however, notice that the Currency List for the new file has a lot more currencies than the file that was giving me problems and when I go to edit a currency in the new file it shows more detail in the "$ to $" lines of the editing window.