How can i setup multiple bin locations for the same item in reckon enterprise

Rafi Member Posts: 13 ✭

i have an item which is large in quantity and so it has to be stocked in more than one location.

i have used custom fields to define bin location and have entered one location for the item. But now i need to also enter the other bin location for this item.

also is there any chance that i can see the bin location on the bill entry screen


  • Alexander McKeown
    Alexander McKeown Reckon Staff Posts: 147 Reckon Staff

    Hello @Rafi ,

    Unfortunately, you cannot have multiple bin locations in Reckon Accounts.

    The best way of handling it is to label Bins as header items, and have sub-items beneath them to list them to that bin. If you have multiple of the same item in different bins, you will need to name/label them as such.

    Kind regards,

    Alexander McKeown

    Reckon Senior Technical Support