How to Add categories to stock list in Excel



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    Hi Rick

    The import process will totally ignore the Qnty and Totvalue columns, so you are safe to leave them as is.

    Importing these values into Reckon is a bit of a process. By far, the best way is to use the File > Utilities > Import > Excel File method.  This will bring in the Qnty and Totvalue columns.  You will need to create an extra column "As Of Date" with value 06/30/2014 (30th June in mmddyyy format).

    • this process will only work for items not already in the file - you can't update the stock on hand values for items that are already in the system;
    • it can't bring in barcodes, so they have to be imported via iif file
    • often, you need the new file to be set up before the stock figures are available
    I tend to import Stock on Hand as a transaction, usually a Bill or a Cheque.  From the existing iif export, I will create an excel spreadsheet with the full item name, description, Qnty, average cost ex GST and total value (Qnty x average cost = total value), then get the client to update this with stocktake figures.  I can then manipulate this data to create an iif import file that will import a cheque (from a dummy cheque account) that will update the stock values.  The advantage of this is that it can be done after the 1st July!  Its a few hours work for me but it is much faster, cheaper and accurate than data entry.

    The other issue that you raised regarding the iif files saving as text, I have covered in the original post here:

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