Reckon alleges that Personal Plus 2015 is installed on more than one computer. Not true. How can Ifi

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Multiple installations alleged. Not true.


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    This is a frequently reported problem. Contact Reckon, as they should be able to tell you how to fix it.

    What operating system are you using ?

    I'd like to know why so many users are reporting this problem and a fix has not been provided ?

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    Hi Patrick,

    Are you receiving the below message?
    This does not appear to be the same computer your copy of Reckon was originally installed on. Before you can use the program you will need to contact Reckon to update your license.

    Have there been any changes made to your PC or operating environment recently?

    KB Info -
  • Patrick McDonaldPatrick McDonald Member Posts: 13
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    This has only been reported for the last few days.  My pc was in the repairers on 15/12/15 when Windows 7 was reinstalled.  Since then and Tuesday Reckon had no problem with the installation.  Only yesterday, Wednesday 7/1/16 did it report this problem so I can't see why it happened then.
  • Judy BirkenheadJudy Birkenhead Member Posts: 19
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    I run Win10.  
    Mine also produced the message after the first shut down.
    I fixed mine by going to Help and renewing the licence (again)  
    It worked for me.
  • Patrick McDonaldPatrick McDonald Member Posts: 13
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    The website above had the answer. Many thanks.
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