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DianeDiane Member Posts: 2
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reconciliation report balance is different from statement and ledger balance. So when reconciling the bank acct, I end the reconcilation and check that the system balances with my bank statement, and yes it does...great!, so I print a reconcilation report and it shows that all my transactions are not 'reconciled' and I have a strange balance at the end of the report...upon checking the general ledger balance, this balance is the same as the bank statement. So how can I remove all the 'unreconciled' transactions (that are in fact reconciled) and produce a reconciliation report that is accurate and meaningful? help please?


  • Gavin BaxterGavin Baxter Member Posts: 7
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    Hello Diane I had a similar question a couple of months ago. I suggest you check that conversation as it may help your understanding, even if it doesn't solve the issue. Welcome to the community. Regards Gavin
  • DianeDiane Member Posts: 2
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    HI Gavin, Yes I saw your question and answer....thanks
  • Steven Sonneman-SmithSteven Sonneman-Smith Member Posts: 1
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    I am having the same issue, Reconcile and then print report which has different balances?
  • Rachel HardyRachel Hardy Member Posts: 6
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    Same issue here too

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