New book paid for but not anywhere

Tash SchippTash Schipp Member Posts: 23
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Signed up for a ReckonOne account and paid for this months payment today. No book is anywhere! I an only access the demo book. This is really bad. 4 phone calls to the 'help' centre and no answers. They have no idea. They can see where the money has been paid and my bank account reflects that. So much for a easy and simple set up. When i click to add book it takes me to the payment page again. 
Now tomorrow i have an appointment with a bookkeeper for them to set it all up with me- but i have nothing so am getting charged a cancellation fee!!! 
My only thought is to sign up again and pay the money again and hope Reckon give me a refund. Thoughts anyone?


  • Angela BichlerAngela Bichler Accredited Partner Posts: 12
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    I would be happy to help you sort out your problem.  Give me a call and I will help troubleshoot free of charge :)

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