Unable to open a Reckon Enterprise 2017 File in Reckon Hosted

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We are current Reckon Hosted users and due to poor internet connections would like to work offline.  As advised we downloaded Enterprise on our desktop, then took a backup of our Reckon Hosted file, used it on our desktop in Enterprise 2017.   When trying to upload it back to Hosted, we get the message;  "Reckon Accounts Hosted 2016 cannot open the company file as it has been upgraded to a newer version of Reckon"

I would have assumed Hosted would always be the newest version?  
What other version can I work in, on my desktop to be able to then successfully upload it to Reckon Hosted?



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    The Desktop version should be 2016, the 2017 version normally would come out in June/July

    Try CTRL + 1 on your Hosted version and you will find that the latest version is V25.OD R2 6/7/16

    which is release 2.

    If you do the same on your desktop you might find that it is R1 with a different date and that would mean that you have not installed the latest Oct Tax updates

    I know it says newer version but in fact it's the older version

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    Thanks Charles for your speedy response;

    Reckon Hosted says : 
    V25.0D R2 20/4/2017

    Desktop Says;
    Product (at the top of the window)  Reckon Accounts Enterprise: Accountant Edition 2017 Release R1P.
    Then in the 'versions used on file' section;
    V25.0D R2 20/4/2017
    V26.0D R1 20/4/2017

    I just tried to do the Reckon Accounts 2016 October Tax Update (dated 29/9/2016) download, and it says it's only valid for 2016 versions.  

    I only downloaded the Enterprise version this morning - when you go into the members area it's the 2017 R1 versions available.

    Anything else I need to check?


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    HI Amy - perhaps call Reckon Hosted support and check when Hosted 2017 will come online, sorry, I am not familiar with how the members area would look for you and if you would have been able to use the dropdown arrow to select the 2016 version of Enterprise?  usually I call Reckon to get the Enterprise key for my Hosted clients if they need to load on the desktop - but you would have seen from your Hosted login each time that you are clicking the button to "Launch Accounts 2016 R2" - so when you opened that Hosted file with the desktop 2017 version it would have said it was about to Upgrade the file - thats when you should have stopped and wondered what was happening?  so now you have 2 choices - stay with the desktop 2017 until it comes online with Hosted (maybe this will be a few weeks or maybe it will be soon, you will need to ask Reckon) or go back to your 2016 Hosted and reenter the transactions that you keyed to the upgraded 2017 desktop file.  cheers Linda
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    Hi Amy,

    I can tentatively say that Hosted 2017 will be due around tax time coming up in a couple of months. That can be subject to change but I believe that's what we're aiming for.

    I've had a word with our support and Hosted product manager about your thread, and I'm really sorry but you will need the new Hosted 2017 version to operate your newly upgraded file. Alternatively, the process Linda outlined regarding going back to Hosted 2016 may be an option if viable for you.
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    Thanks Linda - yes I did "stop and wonder" however, as Charles mentioned, this message comes up whether you are going backwards or forwards in versions - so I ultimately thought that Reckon Hosted would have been the newest version, and am surprised that it's not.

    But we do have a solution, as we only were testing this option today, so there isn't an rework involved.
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    Thanks for the responses - so as suspected, the desktop versions are currently ahead of the hosted version.

    We will revert to the Enterprise 2016 and then upgrade it once Hosted is also upgraded, then keep them at the same versions going forward.

    We were testing this theory for a client with very poor internet, so no work lost.


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    Thats great that no work lost or rework involved... Reckon cant really go backwards so probably a good lesson learned that the word "upgrade" can mean passing the point of no return!  cheers Linda
    (the reference Charles made is when the file actually wont open at all and says its been opened by a newer version - this can sometimes mean an older version - but if it says "we are about to upgrade your file" this is definitely a stop & think point!)...
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