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Hi, I have just converted to Reckon Hosted 2017 from desktop version. It all looks the same except when I go to write cheques, put in the amount paid, then I enter the details including tax code (NCG) the amounts get changed to add the gst onto the amount paid. If I change it to the correct figures (ie gross amount on the cheque) it won't let me post as it says its not in balance. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Lyndallimage


  • Big HatBig Hat Accredited Partner Posts: 101
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    Is this a new data file?

    If so then I may hav the answer as I have just resolved a similar issue for another client.

    Feel free to call me

    John Peppas
    Reckon Accredited Partner
    0418 771 971 [email protected]

  • LyndallLyndall Member Posts: 5
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    Many thanks to John Peppas for fixing the problem for me. For others with the same problem it has to do with the tax code items set up.
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    Any chance of putting the answer on here?? This is doing my head in not being able to figure it out.  Please help
  • Big HatBig Hat Accredited Partner Posts: 101
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    Call me on 0418 771 971 for assistance
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