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I would like to setup a new Quicken file for a new company, creating accounts for this company, including bank accounts, cash-like AUD and USD accounts (this is the partner accounts where I deposit/refill for future purchase of any resource from that partner), as well as how to record the company start up cost, director adding equity to this company (I mean how to record the money the director have put into this company from director's own pocket), record director borrow and return money from this company, and PayPal account for other purchase.

Please if anyone can provide step by step to set this up will be much appreciated.


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    Good luck Bill, anyone providing an answer to this without being involved in the process should not be listened to. My best advice is spend some money if you don't know how to do this and get some help.
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    Rick, Bill is asking for help rather than asking how much is the risk to use the forums here. The Reckon Community Forums is designed for its product users to participate and share their experiences and help with others. If you have the answer, Bill would probably appreciate your help.
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    Thanks for the translation Ben but the point I made for your translation is what he asked for is a step by step guide to setting up a new company. This is not a process that someone can create a guide for. The complexities that need to be considered are very important. Reckon has a wizard that steps through a lot of these but some knowledge of the business in order to get the right answers is important. Beyond this there are still other aspects to consider such as whether you have employees, whether you are a sole trader or a company and how you show the equity in the business and or funding. I could go on for quite some time.

    Finally for your sake, the point I made was very valid and should be taken very seriously. GET SOME HELP rather than from a quick 5 second answer on a forum. Sometimes spending money is money well spent.

    Please don't presume that people need your correction in order to function.

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    Hi Bill,

    Have you had a chance to check out the Personal Range User Guide as yet? Its got some great info on how to get started, configuring tasks, managing your investments and more.

    Check it out here -

    Reckon Personal Range 2017 User Guide
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    Thanks everyone for your kind advice.

    Rav, Accounts in this new file has been created. I simply go to Help >> User Manuals and so on. Sorry I should questing on what I really want to know on the previous post, my main point was when the only director adding funds to his own company, borrow and returns money from/to his company, are they just simply transfer the founds between his personal account and company's checking account (like in the real world - personal bank account <=> company bank account) or, creating else account types to handle those transactions, and the best category names for those transactions in common.
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