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Vanessa LanderVanessa Lander Member Posts: 29
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I seem to be having the same issue everyday regarding printing I save my template to the right paper as you mention I save this but the very next day i have to do it all over again, is it just me or are others having this same issue.
Also it is taking twice as long now to print and save the same document, so many more buttons to push and click not happy with these changes :(
I have mentioned this before but can you add a SAVE button next to the print button PLEASE, it was so much easier when it came up on a separate page 


  • ToniToni Member Posts: 147
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    Hi Vanessa,  yes we are all having the same issue - Rav has said they are working on rectifying settings and hopefully they get this fixed ASAP.. if you are using Chrome a "Save to PDF" should be an option when it reaches the print screen.

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