unable to change backup location

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I want to change the location of my default backup file on Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2018 but when I go into Preferences/Backup and then set the new location, clicking on OK or the close button does nothing.  The only way I can get out of it is to use Alt/Ctrl/Delete and close the whole program.  I have tried to do this change several times with the same result each time.  The program in general, has become very unstable of late and have had numerous crashes.  As I have over 20 years of records this is becoming very worrying.


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    FWIW - OS WIN10H 64B V1709 Build 16299.192 PP2018R1 - I have just tested and changed my default backup location (E:\) USB External HD to (F:\) USB Thumb Drive and back without any problems.
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    Although not a real solution to your problem, I find it useful to go to "backup / browse " and then choose any location I want . I do this because I always have more than one backup.
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    As Stan mentioned above, when you go to backup next time, change the location (under File > Backup) by clicking the browse button to where you do want to backup to and it should remember that location the next time.

    Regards, Robyn Kelly

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