Evaluating Reckon One. Experiencing problems with Budget and Bank Feeds.

Damien BDamien B Member Posts: 1
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Hi all,

I have setup a new Reckon One ledger to see if it will fit my requirements but I am having some issues.


I have setup a budget for 2018 but I am having problems utilising it.

Net worth dashboard
When I try to use it as a comparison in the net worth dashboard I get a "An error occurred while processing your request" popup and the dashboard stops working until l remove it as a comparison.

Budget Report
When I display the budget report with comparison to actual, if the actual income is greater than budget the variance displays as if it is less (red value and red down arrow).

Line items where the budget is greater than actual and line items where no budgeted income has been entered display correctly.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Bank Feeds

My bank feeds also don't seem to update regularly even though there are bank transactions that should be showing up.

Is there a way to manually request Reckon One check for new transactions?

My transactions are currently setup with Yodlee for ANZ bank accounts, ANZ Credit Cards, and an American Express credit card.

These features are important to my evaluation of Reckon One if they do not work reliably than Reckon One may not be suitable for me.

I have submitted a support question regarding the budget issues but as yet have not received a reply.


  • ShisirShisir Reckon Staff Posts: 257
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    Hi Damien

    Thank you for your interest in Reckon One and asking the community.

    I have investigated the issue regarding the net position and the budget report and can replicate both of them. I have now reported them to our dev team.

    Regarding your bank feed not updating regularly, please try this instruction to refresh them manually.



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