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Can you set up different users in Reckon Hosted eg sales reps, to only have access to their customer

Jo KingJo King Member Posts: 2
edited April 11 in Accounts Hosted
We have 2 Sales Reps who are paid commission and have their own Contacts. Are the Sales Reps able to be setup as 2 separate users who only have access to their Customer contacts not the whole contact list.


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    Hi Jo
    No, they can be setup as 2 different users and should be, but you can only restrict the sections of RAH i.e only customers, only suppliers, both, etc.

    The customer list should not be a problem it only gives addresses etc and the rep associated with it.  All commission details should be held in payroll and if they do not have payroll access, then the commission $$ should remain private.
  • Jo KingJo King Member Posts: 2
    edited May 2018
    Thanks for your response, the problem is that the sales reps have their own customer base and they want to protect these details from the other sales reps.
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    Hi Jo

    In that case maybe look at CRM add-on it is a customer relationship management system: 
    https://www.reckon.com/marketplace/add-on/creatacrm/ - I am not sure if you can set up the users the way you like but it may be worth looking at.

    Otherwise there may be a stand alone customer/contact management software that can assist you.

    If they are estate agent sales reps systems like console have a clients set up, but again not sure if you can manipulate user access the way you want
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