how to set up a second shop but use a different invoice numbering system so we know which store prod

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We are expanding and opening another factory.  

We want the invoices from new place to start with a letter so we know how the new location is going. But this is no good because each time you start an invoice with a letter it will keep that format, eg; H00001 vs 35000 at original factory.  

But i think a new company needs to be set up for new location ? but then all the stock would have to be re-entered ?  any ideas  We have Premier 2017 5 user  


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    Hello Stacey

    I have a client that has the same issue 6 locations.

    What we ended up doing was to setup separate Accounts receivable accounts for each location.
    As well as using Classes.

    Each store has been made aware that the need to change the accounts receivable and class relating to their store, as well as changing the letter at the start of the invoice number for store location, they just use the next number in Reckon. 

    So not tracking sequence numbers by store
    A2005  etc.

    So its not perfect, whoever is entering in the invoice needs to make sure they change all things in the invoice to be able to track their store sales.

    So with the amount of sales going through, there are some mistakes made but separating by class and by Accounts receivable, helps identify the errors.

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    thank you Andrew.   I will now teach myself about 'classes' and setting up a separate A/R.  I may have a couple more questions.
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