IMPORTANT INFO: New processes for connecting ANZ bank accounts to BankData

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The ANZ has upgraded its direct feed management system to better service business needs.  

It is a self-service system that 

  • Automates the bank feed registration process;
  • Provides faster approvals (in most cases the same day);
  • A one-time transaction history dump (maximum of 1 year of history);
  • Expansion of the type of accounts supported - in addition to Transactional, Savings and Business One credit cards available currently, you can access:
  • Loan Accounts
  • Term Deposits and other Certificates of Deposit
  • Commercial Credit Cards – Business One, etc
  • Consumer Credit Cards – Rewards, Frequent Flyer
  • Funds Management Accounts



The steps you’ll need to take to add an ANZ bank account:

1.    New users to Reckon BankData must purchase a BankData licence:

  •     Reckon One - purchase the BankData Module for their Book
  •     Reckon Accounts (Hosted and Desktop) go to > Activate

2.    You will need your Reckon Username or UserID, and registered email address.

3.    Login to the ANZ website and go to “Manage Bank Feeds”

  •     Profile menu:
  •     image
  • Quick Link:
  •         image


4.    Click on the Activate a new bank feed button:

  •         image  

5.    Select Reckon as the software platform

  •         image

6.    Enter your Reckon Username or UserID and your Reckon registered email address;

  •         image

7.    Select the accounts you wish to add to your BankData record:

  •         image

8.    Select the amount of historical transactions you want:

  •         image

9.    Review and confirm:

  •         image

10. Submit your request:

  •         image


11. By the end of the day you should have access to your historical transactions

12. From the next business day the daily update process will begin. 


First download of a new account is the transactional history.  Please consider the download allowance of your BankData Plan – you may need to upgrade your plan to process the transactions for the historical period you requested.  You can then downgrade your plan back to your preferred level before your subscription renews. 


Reckon One users will need to adjust the Bankdata –retrieve last value in Administration> Settings > General  > Book Settings, to ensure they can view all of their transactional history download – maximum is 365 days.

  •         image

That’s it! You now have your history of transactions which will now be updated daily.


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