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I have been reading through posts and it seems that there is no manual matching method where the auto matching doesn't pick up a transaction. Is that right? If so how do you match the bank to ledger transactions without having to create a duplicate transaction?
For example, say my invoice to my customer is $100, they pay $100 therefore that's what goes against their account and to the bank gl. Stripe, the online gateway, passes on the payment less their fee, say $99 comes through. A second transaction for $1 to fees has to be created. Manually you would match the payment and offsetting fee together against the $99 payment. Auto matching won't do it so how on earth can I complete a bank rec?


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    Yes I am suffering from the same issue. Auto matching seems to be glitchy as hell. I've spent a lot of time on the phone to support and tbh they are bloody useless. One guy was telling me it wouldn't auto match until a transaction rule is set up however that is to create a new payment/receipt etc not allocating to an existing payment as you have mentioned...Please advise.
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    Hello Digna and Studion Twelve Architecture,

    Payment gateways that deduct their fee from the payment to you do provide a challenge for Reckon One as they are introducing another transaction into the equation.

    The integrated PayPal payment service has a solution for it (Settings > Payment Services)

    For other scenarios - other gateways, manual uploads from PayPal - please look at our guides:

    Manually Importing PayPal transactions

    Manually Importing PayPal fee transactions.

    Hope these guides prove useful.


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