GST not being allocated to Tax Payable account

Debbie ShanleyDebbie Shanley Member Posts: 3
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I have a question about gst. I have just noticed in one of my company files that the gst isnt being allocated to Tax Payable in the General ledger. The income or expense amount in the P&L includes the gst. Guessing my preferences are incorrect?


  • Shirley IngleShirley Ingle Accredited Partner Posts: 191
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    Hi Debbie Could be a combination of a number of things.

    Firstly is GST calculating on your entries. If it is not, then you have in your Preferences you don't have track tax turned on.

    Failing that, go to Lists, Tax Item List. What Account is showing for say GST, is it Tax Payable.

    If not, then that could be your problem.

    Go to Suppliers List, highlight Australian Taxation Office, Edit Supplier, Click on Tax Agency Tab, is Tax Payable showing for the account to track tax on Purchases and Sales. If not that would possibly be the problem.

  • Adam HugginsAdam Huggins Member Posts: 2
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    None of these seems to be the problem for me... Could it be something else?
  • Adam HugginsAdam Huggins Member Posts: 2
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    Resolved ... Preferences > Reports & Graphs > Company > Tax Net/Gross Options.
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