Portfolio Report- Will not display Annual Dividend

AndrewAndrew Member Posts: 16
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Hi all
In the Portfolio 'customise current view' dialog box I have selected 'Annual Dividend' from 'available columns'.  The resultant portfolio view shows a column titled 'Annual Dividend' however it is empty for all accounts / securities.
Separately if I run an 'Investment Income' report - the Dividend income is displayed.
I welcome any suggestions as to what may be happening


  • Ray JenningsRay Jennings Member Posts: 11
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    I enter all the details via the dividend statement sheet into Reckon and I tried to call up dividends of nay way but nothing appears in the portfolio.You have numerous selections to retrieve this information which can be easily seen in the transaction listing so I have idea why it does not appear For all these years I do it manually into a spread sheet.Sorry I cannot be of assistance. good luck
  • Ross NodenRoss Noden Member Posts: 6
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    Hi Andrew,
    i have exactly the same problem, did you find an answer?
    regards Ross

  • AndrewAndrew Member Posts: 16
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    Sorry Ross
    I never came across a good answer
  • Ross NodenRoss Noden Member Posts: 6
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    thanks for your update.
  • Andrew ChristieAndrew Christie Member Posts: 160
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    Dear All
    Sometime back this or similar issue was raised about the portfolio view not displaying values. I believe the answer was that it works for the US market but not ours. If I find the discussion I will post.

    Here's the post... apparently some of the columns in this view were designed for the US market but it wasn't cleaned up for the Oz market.



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