Pay slips emailed, but emailed details disappeared.

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I emailed the pay slips, and the emailed date and recipient's email address were recorded in the pay Paycheque section. But today, I just found those details disappeared suddenly for some pay periods, not all though. And in the Email Pay Slips section, those emailed pay slips are still in the list. Can some one help me urgently? I use Account Hosted. Thank you very much.


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    Hey Sindy,

    The payslips do not disappear out of the "Select Pay Slips To Email" section of Reckon Hosted, even if they have been emailed. 

    Do you have your emails set up in a way that you can check what emails have been sent from Hosted?  I have mine set so that a copy of every email I send from Hosted automatically gets emailed to my Outlook account and filed in a folder I have called "Reckon Emails Sent".  This is how I can check that emails have actually gone.

    Have you checked with your employees to see if they have received the pay slips you are worried haven't gone?


  • SindySindy Member Posts: 3
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    Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for your reply. I have checked with the employees and they received the email. But the content in the red square disappeared. But not all pay periods. Just some. Can you or any one help me? 



  • MichelleMichelle Member Posts: 33
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    I've just learnt something off you Sindy!  I had never noticed the detail you have hilighted in the red square before ... thank you.  

    Sorry ... I can't help with this :(  I have done a spot check through my payroll and all have the details.  

  • SindySindy Member Posts: 3
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    No worries Michelle.

    Can some one help please?
  • Glenda VealeGlenda Veale Member Posts: 178
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    Do you change the dates to and from to be the current payroll period?  If not all payslips for the current month will show.
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