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We are trying to create the STP link with Reckon Desktop software.
We have created an account under email: [email protected] our ABN 53116472765 is coming up as already registered.
Previously a login was accidentally created to the STP portal using a gmail account that had been loaded into Google by a staff member. address: [email protected]
If the ABN is linked to this email we need it removed so we can attach it to our business email account [email protected]
If that is not the issue can you please advise what we can do next to associate the ABN to the correct account.


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    Contact the tax office . Do you have an auskey? If not obtain one .
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    Hi there,
    I've had a look at both email addresses you've given me and the ABN is not registered to either but rather a different Gmail email address.
    Its similar to the one you've specified but not the same. Usually I'd be able to just delete the ABN registration and incorrect account but because there have already been submissions sent for the ABN I cannot.
    You need to login to the Reckon Portal with the same Google account that was used when it was registered initially. Are you aware of any other email addresses that your staff member may have used? (its similar to the one you've listed).
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    We managed to talk to someone in Tech and organise a solution which is not perfect but will have to do.  the problem initially came about with not being able to use customer ID and pin to login to Reckon website to set up and not being able to get an answer on phone or online so by talking with my accountant who had preorganised set up instructions we had to login with google accounts and there lies the problem in a world where constant inductions needs for staff need multiple accounts filtered to the same computer system. 
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