wrong branch code on STP

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When I set up the STP software I must have done something wrong because it did not set up to my 002 Branch code, I dont remember ever seeing that option, anyway, Now the ATO have phoned and asked me to re lodge all the STP payments and Final year run to the 001 Account again as ZERO Amounts and then Re lodge them to the 002 branch account.

My Question is, How the hell do I lodge a ZERO STP amount ?

Is there someone out there I can pay who knows STP & RECKON & off course what the ATO are asking for me to do.
My Accountant is not as fluent in Reckon as I thought and keeps referring to what they would do in xero 


  • DebbieDebbie Member Posts: 62
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    If you go into the Company information there is a small box at the end of the Tax Rego ID and you will need to be in single user mode to add in your branch code, as this might be where it should go ?

    As for the Zero report I have no idea either but if I find out I will let you know 

    You might even be able to generate the report and zero it in Reckon connect prior to submitting .... 
    Not sure on that either.

  • Paul MasonPaul Mason Member Posts: 56
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    Thanks Debbie, Yes I have always had the Branch code set to 002 in Company Info & when setting up STP I had conflict as RECKON Portal did not accept the ABN with 002, so I deleted the 002 in company info and it all worked, well so I thought

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