Printing Payslips

Arthur BortzArthur Bortz Member Posts: 38
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I need to Email  a date range of previous payslips for a staff member.
Is there an easy way to do this?


  • LeanneLeanne Member Posts: 37
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    Hi Arthur,

    Go to the Employee Centre and in the tool bar click on the Print drop down arrow.  Choose Print Payslips, in the window that pops up set the date range that you need.  This will give you ALL payslips, click on Select None and then tick only the payslips that you need.


  • Janine WhiteJanine White Member Posts: 29
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    I am pretty sure you can also elect to email them, rather than print them.  Just go into the employee card and tick email payslips and enter his/her email address in the personal details tab.


  • LeanneLeanne Member Posts: 37
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    Oops Thanks Janine.    
    After the email addresses and sending preference has been updated, follow the same steps as printing only choose to email instead.

  • kathykathy Member Posts: 6
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    Where can I find the employee center with the Reckon STP app?
  • Wei DongWei Dong Member Posts: 5
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    the pops up window doesn't have any list that I can tick even I change the date range.
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