Can Accounts Hosted Lodge more than one PayRun per day through STP.

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Is it possible to lodge more than one payrun on a day? First lodge is easy ( well 20 clicks vs 2 in Xero ) but it will not not let me save a second payrun as it does not assign a file name to the .json and will not let me assign one. Without this the system won't go to next step which is to open Internet Explorer and login to Govt Connect.  I am getting behind in lodgements unless I remember to login specially just to lodge payruns with STP.


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    Hi Ian

    Are you trying to lodge a second pay run because you amended the pays?  If yes and it is the last pay lodged, do a full file replacement.

    If you are trying to lodge a second one because you are trying to catch up on ones not lodged over the past weeks, no need, go straight to the latest one and lodge it, because it uses the YTD balances only .
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    Whilst Reckon Accounts (Hosted or Desktop) - offers you a file name for the .json file, you can call it anything you like?  I see no reason why you are not able to lodge a second (separate) payrun on the same day? 
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