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Hi I have downloaded one touch single payroll and have successfully transmitted relevant information to ATO for the past 3 months. I find now the app keeps asking me to sign in and when I do so it takes me to a page advertising the 30 day free trial. I cannot seem to get past this point.. Can you help me please ?


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    Hi Jill,
    We've been having a few cases of this and the cause is because the 'Forgot Password' option is getting squished on top of the 'Continue' button. So rather than pressing continue to proceed its taking through to our Portal.

    We're looking into what is causing this for a few users but in the meantime, after you enter your email address & password into the app login screen press the 'Go' button on your phone keyboard rather then using the on-screen 'Continue' button.

    It should get you back in as normal.
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    Many thanks Rav.  regards Jill
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