Payment Details not showing on Invoice

CarolCarol Member Posts: 3
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I am using Reckon One and am setting up my first Invoice template. I have read previous posts and followed the youtube tutorial to add default payment details to invoices. I went into settings and added them to invoices and statements in 'Money In' but they do not show up on the invoice (yes, I saved! I even logged out and back in again...).  Am I missing something? I'd really rather avoid having to manually add to each invoice.
Any help very much appreciated


  • Buffalo HouseBuffalo House Member Posts: 3
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    I may have your answer! As well as filling in the details at settings>day to day>money in,- INV. drop down box- payment details, which it sounds like you have done, you also need to go to settings>general>manage invoice templates- footer drop down box- select how to pay.
    hope that works!
  • CarolCarol Member Posts: 3
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    Thank you! All sorted now! Really appreciate the help
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