Income and Tax not Recorded on first Payrun

ColCol Member Posts: 2

I successfully migrated from STP to Payroll (Basic ) and sent my first Pay run on 12 Jul 21 and status is "Done". On checking an employee's Tax Record, no income nor tax was recorded by ATO but SG was recorded. Resubmitted the Payrun but no change. Amended and resubmitted but no change. Contacted the ATO and confirmed my details and software ID. ATO suggested I contact Reckon. I have re-installed the Payroll App and no change. Can you help ? Should the Pay Run category be "Done" or "Success" as per STP ?



  • Joseph LiJoseph Li Member Posts: 486 ✭✭

    Does the pay run have a ‘success’ status under the STP tab?

  • ColCol Member Posts: 2

    Hi Joseph,

    Sorry about the delayed response. I did a resubmit and separately, an 'amendment'. Both have now been recorded by Payroll in the STP Tab and both are now shown as "success". Also, the ATO now has the correct totals for Income, Tax and SG. Thanks for your information. Col

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