ATO Payment Times Reporting Scheme

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Hi Reckon,

With the first round of the new ATO Payment Times Reporting to be lodged by the end of Sept, is there a report available that can be used to meet the reporting obligations.

Finding a detailed report that includes the payment date of the supplier invoice seems to be particularly challenging. The supplier remittance is not suitable for this exercise.




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    Hi Wayne

    Are you referring to the TPAR (Taxable Payments Annual Report) ?

    There’s not a default report for this so I find it best to create (& Memorise!) my own. There are a number of ways to do this depending on your file setup eg whether you have a specific (expense or COGS) account set up that you post these transactions to. If so, you can do a Find for that particular account, set to Cash (or use the Open >No filter) with the last FY date range.

    You can also assign applicable Suppliers with a specific Supplier Type (eg “Contractors”) & filter for that.

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    No Shaz this is something new, I just looked it up, never heard of it before, it’s for big companies and government businesses and payments to suppliers, I need to read some more

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    Hi Shazza,

    No, not the TPAR report. This is provided for under: Supplier --> Tax Activities --> Process Taxable Payments.

    I am referring the the new reporting regime whereby you need to report (6mthly) how quickly (or not) you pay your creditors. The problem I'm having is finding a report that has the payment date of each invoice. The supplier detail transaction report only includes the total of each payment, rather than the payment date of each invoice.



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    If you click on the link

    more about the reporting portal and process

    The link goes nowhere. Very helpful

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    Hi Zappy,

    Yes correct, only "big business", to which I am being grouped into.

    I'm surprised from the collective there isn't a work around. I wonder if that is an indicator of impending high incidence of non compliance. It's certainly an indicator of ever increasing burden on business administration.

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    I posted a link up above and just tested it, try that

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    Wayne youre killing me. The "burden " is being caused by big business using their small suppliers as a free overdraft

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,691 Community Manager

    I've raised this conversation with our product management team for some insight. I'll let you know what I find out when I hear back.

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    Good one Rav. It has been on the drawing board for ages.

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    Hi Rav,

    Any update on Payment Times Reporting?

    Thank you.

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