Wrong TFN for staff member for years!!!

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I have just found out our previous payroll officer had the wrong TFN for a staff member who has been working for us for years. She filled in the box with 987654321 instead of the real TFN.

I have changed the TFN and uploaded our last STP for the fortnightly pays. What do I do for all the other pays this staff member has had. Every year she has had to manually add her pay and tax figures to her tax return and has only just said anything.

I'm hoping for an easy solution :(

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance


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    You dont do anything. I'm stunned your staff person hasn't checked this in her mygov account. With that kind of attention to detail im surprised she knows how to breath unaided. If she has any queries tell her to contact ATO

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    Under Employees>Tax Table Info

    Tax File NumbersThe tax file number, as shown by the employee on his/her Tax File Number Declaration is entered in the Tax Reference Number field. This field can be found by going to Employees>Payroll Info>Tax Details. The data in this field is also shown in the Tax No field within the Employees>Address Info> window. Input and editing can be done in either field. There are some cases where the employee does not provide a tax file number. The rules below explain what is required under these circumstances.

    000000000 :

    Enter this number in cases where the employee does not provide a tax file number. It is necessary to select the 4-NoTFNr or 4-NoTFNn tax code and enter nine zeros in the Tax Reference Number field.

    111111111 :

    Enter this interim code in cases where the employee has applied for a TFN. This code would usually be updated with the employee's TFN when it becomes available. If the employee does not provide a TFN within the 28 day period allowed, it becomes necessary to enter 000000000 to signify that the employee has not provided a TFN.

    333333333 :

    This code is used for employees under the age of eighteen who earn:

    • $350 or less weekly, or
    • $700 or less fortnightly; or
    • $1517 or less monthly;

    Such employees are able to claim an exemption from quoting a TFN.

    444444444 :

    Use this code for an employee who is a recipient of a social security, service pension or benefit (refer to Centrelink and/or ATO for more information). These employees can claim an exemption from quoting a TFN.

    987654321 :

    In the event that the employee includes a non numeric in the tax file number, the code 987654321 must be used in place of the quoted TFN. This code must also be used where the TFN quoted exceeds the mandatory 9 digits. 

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    @Melanie Pink As per Charley’s post above, this is one of the default TFN numbers to use when you don’t have the correct one. (NB: These numbers aren’t just Reckon-related, they’re actually default ATO-instructed numbers for specific scenarios & using the corresponding one advises the ATO of this)

    You don’t need to do anything historically - It shouldn’t have caused any issues but (& as you’ve already done) is obviously best updated once you do have it ☺️

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    The information Chuck has provided is in the Help files in Reckon. I understand nobody reads them. I must be a bit of a geek.

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    GRRRRR; it's been many years but you know I hate the word 'Chuck"

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    Oh dear. I didn't realize. Ill try to be more sensitive. Have a nice Monday

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