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I have been using Quicken personal plus for many years, but my probelm started with the 2016 version and continued with my 2019 version, the directory on credit card and cheque account have become all jumbelled up, and unworkable where the dates are all over the place, and when I make up payment it is recorded as debit and visa versa.

I thought updating from the 2016 to 2019 version would fix my poroblem, but it didn't and am wondering if the 2021 version will be any better?


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    Give me a call and i will try and sort this for you.


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  • Tony_10862580
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    Problem solved, all I had to do was to go to View on the upper right hand side of the register and scrol down to see the different ways to arrange the dates, amounts and so on, the reason for my jumbelling date in my register was because I had them set to sort by payee and not by date, I am surprised that no other person has had this problem, and that Gerry Winter could not have explained how to correct this on this forum?

  • Eric Murphy
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    How the heck could you expect anyone to 'explain' this magic solution to you when you've barely specified the problem..? 'Jumbled up' and 'dates all over the place'.. what does that even mean?

    Good on you as always Gerry for offering your help.

  • Tony_10862580
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    Well I had no problem explaining it in a couple of sentences