I cannot seem to add a cash account for my superannuation to be entered. Always goes to a stock hol

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When entering data into the paycheque window, I cannot allocate a bank account for the Superannuation contributions. I manage my own superannuation but the software always allocates a share portfolio and will not permit me to allocate a bank account. Can anyone help??


  • Jamaiel
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    Hi Phil,

    Happy New Year to you!

    With regards to your query, are you referring to associating the Account to a Cash in the Chequing account?

    To be able to assist you effectively, can you tell us:
    1. How the Superannuation Account was created?
    2. When you say "Paycheque window", are you referring to the register window?
    3. How exactly are you entering the transaction to allocate the Bank Account?
    Take note that only Brokerage and Term Deposit type of accounts are the only ones that has the option to "Show cash in chequing account" when you Edit the account.

    Hope it helps.

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