Is there an online Accounts Business and how can I transfer from old to new?

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Our small family run plumbing business has been using Reckon Accounts Accouting for Samll business for a number of years and are currently using 2013 version. The program in on my laptop and I create invoices and reconcile. My sister in law pays all the bills. She has to log in remotely to use Quickbooks which is a problem if I am not home the laptop on and my husband and his brother cannot answer any queries about invoices or accounts if I am not around. Is there an online version of Quickbooks. Both partners have Ipads and use an online calendar but we need for everyone to have access to it?


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    Hi Sandra,

    Welcome to Reckon Community.

    Yes we do have an online version of QuickBooks which is called Reckon Accounts Hosted.

    Reckon Accounts Hosted can be accessed from an Ipad but does not integrate with online calender. It is very easy to transfer your files from Reckon Accounts Accounting to the hosted server.

    Reckon Accounts Hosted is available for $435 per user per year.

    Please could you email us your customer ID and contact details on [email protected] so that we can get in touch with you and answer any other questions you may have.


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    Hi There i have been using reckon accounts 2014 and have just updated to reckon accounts 2021 but can't transfer over the customers and everything on the old 2014 accounts.

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    If you want to use the existing file you can just open it - but if you want to start a new file you can export - File, Utilities, export lists to if files - select the lists you want and export. Then in the new file you have created you import this file

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    Hi Jen

    As Kris advised, in the new 2021 program, you just need to "Open or Restore an existing Company" on the main No Company Open screen.

    Locate your existing 2014 Reckon Accounts Company File (Make a note of the File Path beforehand by doing a windows search for ".qbw" files with your company file name & jotting it down eg C:\Users\Public\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files\Reckon Accounts 2014\YourCompanyFile.qbw) & follow the upgrade prompts to open it in 2021 😊

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