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Hi. I tried adding several defined fields to the Customer edit screen and even though there are spaces for 15 new fields, it will only let me add 7.  Why?

Is there any way to use all 15 defined fields spaces?


  • Michael Ung
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    Hi Felton

    Thanks for using reckon community.

    When you go into customer edit screen, under "additional information" Tab you take a look at the custom fields, there is only 7 available spaces to add to this custom fields.

    For example: in define fields, next to labels you have "To be used for", and there are various checkboxes below that under "Customers", "Suppliers", "Employees", for each of these modules there are only 7 available spaces to be used as a custom field, so you may want to have 5 define fields for customers as a custom field, 5 for suppliers and 5 for employees, or you can have 7 fields for customers, 7 for suppliers and 1 for Employees.

    Custom fields is what fields you can have for that customer, define fields is creating those custom fields, you can define 15 fields and can add up to 7 custom fields.

    Hope this has cleared things up for you



  • RR
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    Does the above response valid in 2017 for Reckon One? I am unable to see Additional Information Tab as describe above ...
  • John G
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    Hello RR and welcome to the Reckon Community.

    Reckon One is a different programme to Hosted.  At this stage you cannot add additional fields in Reckon One.  Please see our Youtube Playlist for a series of video guides to help you with various tasks in Reckon One.