Banks Feeds for PayPal and Credit Unions?

Victor Appelboom
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does Reckon Accounts have bank feeds with Credit Unions and Paypal?


  • Kay Laws Accredited
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    Hi Victor,

    At this stage Reckon Accounts has Bank Data that enables you to import your bank statement your Reckon Accounts File, not Bank feed that enables you to set up rules, match transactions & reconcile.

    Hope this helps

    Kind Regards


  • Sally McIntosh, Accredited Consultant
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    Hi Victor,

    Reckon are working with Yodlee who may or may not have an agreement with Credit Unions to enable an export.

    But from memory you cannot import data to a credit union bank account i.e. an ABA file, so are you able to export at all?

    Paypal is not available either to export and import.

    Kind regards,

    Sally McIntosh

  • Boyd Attwell
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    Hi Sally
    Has there been any progress or update on this question since last year? I see that Xero is offering Paypal feeds now, so it must be possible. Thanks
  • Sally McIntosh, Accredited Consultant
    Sally McIntosh, Accredited Consultant Accredited Partner Posts: 468 Accredited Partner Accredited Partner
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    Hi Boyd,

    I have not heard anything, but maybe Mirko can confirm if he is reading this?

    Kind regards,

    Sally McIntosh (

  • Reckon FAQs
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    Hi Boyd and Sally.

    There are a large number of 'credit unions' - some of which call themselves banks these days - available through Yodlee.

    Direct Bank Feeds are available for:
    ANZ (AUS and NZ)
    St George
    Bank of Melbourne
    Bank SA
    ASB (NZ)
    KiwiBank (NZ)

    Below is a list of banks and credit cards currently available through teh alternative channel - Yodlee.

    If your Credit Union is not on the list let us know at and we will send in a request to Yodlee for inclusion.

    Do keep in mind a number of institutions have systems that are incompatible with electronic extraction of information, and some institutions block services like Yodlee, for security reasons.  

    Yodlee - Bank

    ADCU (Australia) - Banking
    Adelaide Bank (Australia) - Banking
    AMP BankNet (Australia) - Banking
    ANZ (Australia) - Banking
    ANZ Prepaid Cards (Australia) - Banking
    ANZ Travel Cards - Multiple Currencies (Australia) - Banking
    Bananacoast Community CU (Australia) - Banking
    Bank of Melbourne (Australia) - Banking
    Bank of Queensland (Australia) - Banking
    BankSA (Australia) - Banking
    BankSA Business Banking (Australia)
    Bankstown City CU (Australia) - Banking
    BankVic (Australia) - Banking
    BankWest (Australia) - Banking
    BankWest Business Banking (Australia)
    Beyond Bank (Australia) - Banking
    Central West CU (Australia) - Banking
    Citibank (Australia) - Banking
    Commonwealth Bank CBA (Australia) - Banking
    CommSec Cash Management (Australia) - Banking
    CUA (Australia) - Banking
    Cuscal (Australia) - Banking
    Custom (Prepop Debit Cards) - Bank
    Custom Bank - Bank
    Defence Bank (Australia) - Banking
    DEFT Payment Systems (Australia) - Banking
    Encompass CU (Australia) - Banking
    GREATER BUILDING SOCIETY (Australia) - Banking
    Heritage Bank (Australia) - Banking
    HSBC Bank (Australia) - Banking
    HSBC Bank Business Banking (Australia)
    Hume Building Society (Australia) - Banking
    Illawarra CU (Australia) - Banking
    IMB Building Society (Australia) - Banking
    ING DIRECT (Australia) - Banking
    Macarthur CU (Australia) - Banking
    Macquarie Bank (Australia) - Banking
    Maitland Mutual Building Society (Australia) - Banking
    Maritime Mining Power CU - Bank
    MECU (Australia) - Banking
    Members Equity Bank ME Bank (Australia) - Banking
    MyState Financial CU (Australia) - Banking
    NAB (Australia) - Banking
    NAB Connect (Australia) - Banking
    Newcastle Permanent (Australia) - Banking
    Newcastle Permanent Business Banking (Australia)
    Northern Beaches CU (Australia) - Banking
    Northern Territory CU (Australia) - Banking
    Orange CU (Australia) - Banking
    Peoples Choice CU (Australia) - Banking
    PN Bank (Australia) - Banking
    Police Bank (Australia) - Banking
    Police CU (Australia) - Banking
    Qantas Staff CU (Australia) - Banking
    Quay CU (Australia) - Banking
    Queensland Country CU (Australia) - Banking
    Rabobank (Australia) - Banking
    RaboDirect (Australia) - Banking
    RAMS (Australia) - Banking
    Rock Building Society (Australia) - Banking
    SGE CU (Australia) - Banking
    Southern Cross CU (Australia) - Banking
    St. George Bank (Australia) - Banking
    State Custodians (Australia) - Banking
    SUMMERLAND CU (Australia) - Banking
    Teachers Mutual Bank (Australia) - Banking
    UBank (Australia) - Banking
    Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank (Australia) - Banking
    Virgin Money (Australia) - Banking
    Warwick CU (Australia) - Banking
    Westpac (Australia) - Banking
    Wide Bay Australia (Australia) - Banking
    Woolworths Ezy Banking (Australia)
    Woolworth's Money Prepaid (Australia) - Banking

    ANZ (New Zealand) - Banking ANZ Direct Online (New Zealand) - Bank ASB Bank (New Zealand) - Banking ASB Fastnet Business (New Zealand) - Banking Bank of New Zealand (New Zealand) - Banking Bank of New Zealand Business Banking (New Zealand) CBS Canterbury (New Zealand) - Banking Custom (Prepop Debit Cards) - Bank Custom Bank - Bank HSBC (New Zealand) - Banking HSBC Premier (New Zealand) - Banking Kiwibank (New Zealand) - Banking Rabobank (New Zealand) - Banking RaboDirect (New Zealand) - Banking The Co-operative (New Zealand) - Banking TSB Bank (New Zealand) - Banking Westpac (New Zealand) - Banking Westpac Bank Business Banking (New Zealand)

    Yodlee - Credit Card

    28 Degrees MasterCard (Australia)
    ADCU (Australia) - Credit Card
    Adelaide Bank (Australia) - Credit Card
    American Express Cards (Australia)
    AMP BankNet (Australia) - Credit Card
    ANZ (Australia) - Credit Card
    ANZ Salary Packaging Cards (Australia)
    Aussie Homeloans (Australia) - Credit Card
    Bank of Melbourne (Australia) - Credit Card
    Bank of Queensland (Australia) - Credit Card
    BankSA (Australia) - Credit Card
    BankWest (Australia) - Credit Card
    Beyond Bank (Australia) - Credit Card
    Big Sky (Australia) - Credit Card
    Citibank (Australia) - Credit Card
    Coles MasterCard (Australia)
    Commonwealth Bank CBA (Australia) - Credit Card
    CUA Mastercard (Australia)
    Custom Bank - Credit Card
    David Jones - American Express Credit Card(Australia)
    Defence Bank (Australia) - Credit Card
    DEFT Payment Systems (Australia) - Credit Card
    Diners Club (Australia) - Credit Card
    FlexiPurchase NAB (Australia) - Credit Card
    GE Buyer's Edge (Australia) - Credit Card
    GE Coles Group Card (Australia)
    GE CreditLine (Australia) - Credit Card
    GE GO Business MasterCard (Australia)
    GE GO MasterCard (Australia)
    GE Money eco MasterCard (Australia)
    GE Money Low Rate MasterCard (Australia)
    GE Money MasterCard (Australia)
    GE Myer Black Card (Australia)
    GE Myer VISA Card (Australia)
    Gem Visa (Australia) - Credit Card
    Heritage Bank (Australia) - Credit Card
    HSBC Bank (Australia) - Credit Card
    HSBC Credit Cards Online (Australia)
    Jetstar Mastercard (Australia)
    Macquarie Bank (Australia) - Credit Card
    Maritime Mining Power CU - Credit Card
    Members Equity Bank ME Bank (Australia) - Credit Card
    NAB (Australia) - Credit Card
    Newcastle Permanent (Australia) - Credit Card
    Quay CU (Australia) - Credit Card
    St. George Bank (Australia) - Credit Card
    Teachers Mutual Bank (Australia) - Credit Card
    Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank (Australia) - Credit Card
    Virgin Money (Australia) - Credit Card
    Westpac (Australia) - Credit Card
    Woolworths Everyday Rewards Qantas(Australia) - Credit Card
    Woolworths Ezy Banking (Australia) - Credit Card

    American Express (New Zealand) - Credit Card
    ANZ (New Zealand) - Credit Card
    ASB Bank (New Zealand) - Credit Card
    ASB Fastnet Business (New Zealand) - Credit Card
    Bank of New Zealand (New Zealand) - Credit Card
    Custom Bank - Credit Card Farmers Finance Card (New Zealand)
    HSBC (New Zealand) - Credit Card
    Kiwibank (New Zealand) - Credit Card
    TSB Bank (New Zealand) - Credit Card
    Westpac (New Zealand) - Credit Card
    Westpac Business Online (New Zealand) - Credit Card

  • Boyd Attwell
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    Ok, thank you, but my query was specifically about Paypal. The trend for us (and I think many others) is for the low volume high value transactions to continue happening with traditional banks, and the high volume low value transactions to happen via Paypal. So its now Paypal that we really need the feeds for.
  • Reckon FAQs
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    Hi Boyd,

    No, PayPal is not currently available, but it is on our development list.  

    It is too early in the process to have an implementation date.