How do I remove the memo comments and Date due on statements for Hosted premium

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the memo field located on our sales orders and the date due is on our statements . need to have them removed


  • Inigo
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    Go to Lists menu

    Go to Templates

    Edit the template you need to change

    Click Additional Customisation button

    Untick the fields you do not want to appear


  • Dayle O'Callaghan - Accredited Consultant
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    I have the same issue, above does not resolve as there is no field to untick for the memo field under the additional customisation feature? Did you find another way to resolve this?

  • Mirko
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    Thanks for this Dayle. I'll raise it with our techs and get back to you with an answer.
  • Dayle O'Callaghan - Accredited Consultant
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    Hi Mico,

    Are you any further along with this yet?
  • Robert_6962320
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    unfortunately no....very frustrating
  • Viv A
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    We use the memo field for our internal notations on our documents so I actually don't send some Statements because this information is not for our Customer's to see!  I'll be interested to see if there is a resolution to this...
  • Dayle O'Callaghan - Accredited Consultant
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    I have contacted Reckon direct again today and hope to have a response shortly.
  • Suresh Rana
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    Hi Dayle

    Welcome to Reckon Community.

    Unfortunately it is by design in software memo information enter in invoices will appear in statement. There is no setting in Reckon Accounts Hosted Premium or desktop version to change it.

    Our suggestion will be customising templates for invoices.

    1. List > Templates > Double click on customise statement templates
    2. Additional Customisation > Columns
    3. In other 1 columns tick on Screen > type MEMO for Title > Click Ok to save setting
    4. Create invoices with memo information in memo column

    This setting will show memo information while creating invoices on screen only and it will not print in invoices and customer statements.

    Due date printing in statements can be changed within settings. Untick "Print due date on transactions" while generating statements.

    Hope this will help you.


  • Dayle O'Callaghan - Accredited Consultant
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    Thanks for this Suresh, have tested and works fine. Just want to mention for other users;

    Instruction 1 above last bit should read "Double click on invoice template to be customised"

     Also that only 29 characters are available per memo line, so if you need a longer message you will need to click into line below to continue with message. 

  • Robert Chadwick
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    We have the same issue with Reckon Accounts Premier Edition 2014.
    Will the same work for that Software?
  • Mirko
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    Should be the same Robert. Keen to hear how you go!
  • Robert Chadwick
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    I Tried it in Reckon Accounts Premier Edition 2014 but no joy. I was able to add the "Memo" column to the Invoice, but it still printed th contents of the memo on the Statement.
    Any other suggestions??
  • Petar Kust
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    We have the same problem with Enterprise version. Could I make a suggestion to Reckon could they include a tick box for the "Memo" field  that we can uncheck in future versions of the product. I can't think for the life of me why anyone would want the memo field appearing in a statement. Your work around is just making life difficult for users.

  • Margaret Carey
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    Yes please - option not to include Memo on statements. My client is integrating invoices from another software and this uses memo to record cross ref info to the other system - client does not need to see this, but no way to turn off
  • Sue Barton
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    Has anyone found another solution to this problem?  I have tried the steps above and its not working for me - the memo message is still appearing on my statements.
    I am currently using Reckon Account 2016.
    thanks in advance for help