Superannuation being calculated on employees earning less than $450.00 per month

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I have two employees (brand new) and I have generated their first pay - they both have earnt less than $450.00.  The pay slip shows a super calculation. They will not be entitled to super unless they earn more than $450.00 in a month.

What box have I ticked or not ticked to correct please?

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  • Kevin V. Russell
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    In the super item setup there is a threshold which must be ticked. Run through it again.
  • Lisa Hodson
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    Hi Cat, To find the box Kevin is referring go to Employee, Edit employee, Super Details - you will see a box called "monthly threshold" which needs to be ticked.
  • David_7179752
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    This is no longer correct. I don't know why they cant provide pointer sensitive help on every cell - It is actually the box titled LIMIT for an employee's super that makes the Threshold work......It would be so much clearer if it were called MONTHLY THRESHOLD as it is in reckon desktop payroll.
  • Simon Hutchinson_8164484
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    Hi David,

    Thank you for the feedback on this, we will look into making a change in Reckon One to make this more clear to users.