When I restore my backup the attachments are no longer available

Ken Shipp
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I got a new laptop recenlty and loaded my Personal Plus 2013 software onto it and then tried to restore my backup file from a portable hard drive. Each time it does so but a messages comes up saying that attachments are not available? Its not a disc space issue. My backup was saved under a new file name on the portable hard drive (only then it included the attachments) - but I can't open it on my new laptop from a backup location on the same  and get the attachments.


  • Astro
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    Same problem.  Laptop hard drive was dying, backed up to portable drive, replaced hard drive in laptop, installed latest Accounts Home & Business 2015, restored backup from portable hard drive. Now every account I open says "There are no attachments available  OK  Help" .  Help was no Help!
    Have you found a solution yet?
  • Ken Shipp
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    I got it to work after several attempts and by opening the file on a portable hard drive and saving it on the new laptop with a new file name...thankfully!
  • Stuart Wright
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    I had the same problem too in 2015. I thought I was being smart saving the file in Dropbox but as it turns out you cannot open the file from the virtual drive, it has to be stored in a physical location.
    Error codes (-6000, -816).
  • Rav
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    Hi Stuart,
    That's correct, you can only open the file from the local PC and not from a remote location.