POS Finalising transaction really really slow

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Hi There everyone,
I Have a Client who has Reckon 2014 Accounts & Reckon 2014 POS (terminal & Admin) all on the same Windows 7 PC, (all relevant data files on this same PC also) All was going great until the latest updates from Windows 7.

Since the Updates have been installed the POS Terminal has been really slow in finalizing a sale (up to 10 minutes) and during this time POS is unusable.

Eg. in the Terminal program, click / select items to sell then click payment type / wait 2-10 minutes to finalise.
If you try to do something else you get 'Application Busy' Click 'Switch to' or 'retry' see screen shot...

Any ideas???? yes we have tried restoring PC to prior to updates but this didnt seem to solve the problem.

Cheers for any replies

Angie Carlyle


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    Hi Angie,
    I don't know if this is related to your problem but we have the same programs and had similar problems at one stage which were causing all sorts of problems... we had to shut down and restart all the time when processing a transaction. After our IT support trying all sorts of things, we found that the application still running was our thermal receipt printer (POS peripherals) and there was a fault there. After replacing this we had no further problems. Hope this helps.