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Is it possible to have the cheques created under the Pay Liabilities (Payroll Liabilities) to default to Bank Online rather than Cash/Cheque?
Currently I can't select all the applicable Payroll Items and make cheques as I need to edit them one by one to change it from Cash/Cheque to Bank Online. 
Annoying and very time consuming as Reckon Hosted struggles to do this at the best of times.
Something that should take minutes takes a lot lot longer.


  • Donna Barletta
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    Are you able to do it in the staff setup where it asks how they they want to be paid.
  • Donna Barletta
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    Go to the staff member concerned and edit their details. Select payroll information and on the right you can choose image
  • Reckon FAQs
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    Thanks for the tip Donna,

    For Suppliers, in their record > Bank Details tab, enter their bank account details:


    Next time you select this supplier in Write Cheque the method will default to Bank (Online).

    Unfortunately, Liability Cheque payments will continue to default to Cheque - to Print.

  • Kellie Cockerell
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    Has this been updated at all?  Would be great to have option to have payroll liabilities as a bill payment so can add the month date it relates too (for journal record) & the due date in the following month for payment.