Payroll allowance not showing up automatically in employees pays anymore

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Hi everyone, We have a uniform allowance set up for employees that we add to their card when setting them up in Reckon. After selecting it, it used to show the amount up automatically and a quantity of 1 in their payroll when running pays however for some reason the last half a dozen or so don't seem to be working anymore and we now need to manually enter the quantity and sometimes the amount as well directly into the employees pay when running the pay schedule. Its a bit of a pain as its more likely to be missed when this has to be done. 

Has anyone experienced this in the past?

Any help would be great! Thanks 


  • Suzanne Lockwood
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    Hi Rosie,

    Sometimes resetting the defaults in the Employee record and/or the Payroll & Employee preferences can help with this, ie:

    - remove the Allowance from the Employee Record, save it, then add it back again and save.

    - check what Preferences have been set, Edit menu > Preferences > Payroll & Employees > Company Preferences tab > Recall quantity field on pay cheques.  If already selected, remove the tick, save, then add it back again.  Of course you won't see if this has worked until you run a second pay after making the changes.

    Rebuilding the data might also help?  File menu > Utilities > Rebuild data.

    Hope you can find a resolution.


  • Rosie
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    Hi All, I am still having this issue. It seems that most new employees with this allowance selected (Laundry Allowance - Casual) does not have the amount automatically pop up in their pay. Some employees that have been with the Company since the file was set up are also having the amount not pop up anymore. It is a pain because we are importing timer data for employees now and this is the only info that needs to be typed in so it leaves room for error.

    I tried deleting it from employees card and adding it back in and also rebuilt the data - both with no success.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Hi Rosie

    Check these 2 screens in the Payroll Item setup


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  • Rosie
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    Thanks so much Graham. I have changed the setup from "Calculate based on quantity" to "Neither" I also found another thing that may have been causing the issue. Our payroll person had been entering a number 1 in the Limit column next to the allowance within the employees card. Once removing this 1 it didn't seem to need to be manually entered anymore. Perhaps that was the main issue.