Reckon Accounts Hosted Speed Tips & Tricks!

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Cloud Accounting you either love it or....

As a cloud advocate; I for one love it! All things cloud, that's me. This is why I'm ecstatic to share these tips and tricks developed by some of our Senior Techs. I've started using these for everything from Reckon Accounts Hosted to improving video streaming services. So, give them a go and let me know how you go, I'm very keen to hear of your outcomes.

You have nothing to lose, yet everything to gain.


The following system checks are recommended to assist in resolving speed / dropout / freezing issues in Hosted.

Internet Browser
All though Hosted is supported by all Internet Browsers which support HTML5, each Browser has its positives and drawbacks. You may have even read my earlier post Not All Browsers Are Created Equal which advises that Google Chrome is currently the best performing browser as it has proved to be the most reliable in resolving most speed issues. While others such as Internet Explorer provided the best experience with Copy & Paste. At the end of the day, we'd recommend trying multiple browsers and until you find which works best for yourself!

Internet Connection speed
As RAH  is cloud based it is important that internet speeds meet the minimum requirement for RAH.
Using the “Test your Internet Speed” will indicate if you meet the recommended download speed (400kb/sec minimum download speed)


Restart Router > Restart PC
Bandwidth will slow down over time if the router and PC have remained on for a significant amount of time – restarting these devices has resolved clunky/Jerky performance issues.

TLG File
Transaction log files build up in size after a while; sometimes the TLG file will be larger in size then the company database file itself, purging these files by creating a backup or simply renaming the extension will eliminate clunky experience with Reckon Accounts Hosted.

Wireless Internet
Wireless Internet are prone to signal dropouts, It is recommended for systems to be hard wired into their routers to prevent this.

System Checks
Systems checks are tools to determine latency and network issues if present within the network
Note: You will need to activate “Command Prompt” before a “Ping Test” and “Trace Route Test” can be performed

Ping Test
Ping test for “” will indicate latency to determine if there are speed issues -


How to read a “Ping” result >>

Trace Route Test
“Tracert” command in “Command Prompt” will determine where in the network the signal is being affected to determine which device needs attention to fix speed issues


How to read a trace route >>
Firewall Exceptions
Allowing ports 443 and 3389 for both Inbound and Outbound traffic via the systems internet Security software will make sure nothing is blocked. – Please consult your I.T Professional if you are not able to perform this yourself.

Port Forwarding for Router
Same concept as Firewall Exceptions - Please consult your I.T Professional if you are not able to perform this yourself.


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    Thanks, this is a great resource.
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    Mirco, I am working on a Mac. Can you translate..?
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    Trace Route & Ping Tests > Firewall Exceptions >
    1. Navigate through to System Preferences > Security
    2. Click on the top "Firewall" tab
    3. If "Allow all incoming connections" is enabled, you do not need to do anything further.
    4. If not, make sure "Set access for specific services and applications" is enabled.
    5. Click on the plus symbol at the bottom (+)
    6. Add same port numbers (443 & 3389) as above.
      > Screenshots >>
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    This is great info I have stumbled across so would be good if was emailed to all NZ and AUS Trainers or at least posted on the Reckon sites as I have been having connection issues for months now which i have reported to support many times but not been given any of this info before so have had clients go to desktop including myself so please share any info like this relating to performance issues to all as not everyone can monitor this site 24/7 and read every comment