Not all of my Sales receipts are showing up in reports

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.This is my first time here but I've been using QBooks for several years. I have QuickBooks Plus 2012 2013. I have just noticed that some of the Sales receipts I enter do not show up in reports such as Profit and Loss. Most of them do but some of them don't. I have checked the dates , I have pretended that a receipt is from a different customer, I have deleted the receipt and then re entered it. None of these make a difference. Its probably less than 5% of the receipts that don't get on to the reports but all get reconciled ok. It doesn't make sense to me. I hope someone can suggest what may be going wrong. I verify my data ok too.


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    Hi Pat

    I suspect this may be one of your items is pointing to a balance sheet account rather than an income account.

    To check, find one of the missing entries, then select the "Journal" icon at the top of the sales receipt. A transaction journal report will generate. (Ctrl-Y will also generate this report).

    Here is a snippet of one from the sample company for a $99 incl GST installation service:


    The $90 credit is against an Income Account "Service Income".  For your report, you will need to check that the Account that the Credit is being posted to is actually an income account.  If not, check the item setup to ensure that the items used are pointing to income accounts.

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    Graham You little ripper!! Such relief! All is fixed. Thank you very very much. What great service.
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    Hello again! I"ve just had a look at some of my other Items and where they are pointing to. It happens that my bookkeeper died a few years ago and so since then I may not have set things up correctly! For example I have an Item called "Tax Refund" and it points to an account called "Tax Refund" What account might be more appropriate please? I see that this account is an Income account.(Which I have made inactive as I haven't had a refund in a long time) Should it point to " Rental" which is my main Income account?
    And more on the "Booking Fees: I can see that for one property I have this pointing to an Expense account called "Credit Card Fee" . Although this is a negative amount should it also point to "Rental" ?
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    Graham, what can you do if your debit account is the wrong one. Tried to edit but when I press Save button I get the message ' you need to delete the sales receipt from the deposit before you can edit' . And I don't seem to get this done. Thanks already.