what can I use to replace quicken V7, onto newer computer and keep all my history

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What Quicken/Reckon product can I use to replace quicken V7, onto newer computer (Windows 7 or newer)  and keep all my history from Quicken V7, I use it for personal accounting, investments etc. and Tax?


  • Mirko
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    Hey M, welcome to the Community. The current version would be Personal Plus 2015. It’s not recommended to upgrade from v7.It has been found to have many issues when upgrading, and thus it is recommended to only upgrade from v8. You can try to upgrade to v8 (make a backup of your v7 file prior to starting this process) and then along the newer versions until it is compatible with 2015 (see 2015 upgrade guide >>). Alternatively, for a hassle free solution Reckon Data Services, can upgrade your file for you (this is a premium paid for service). Should you wish to go down that path, you can open a case here >>.



  • Dan Fardon
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    I used the same Quicken/Reckon data file though several Quicken versions from early 2003 to December 2013, when the file became corrupted, and I had to create a new file.

    So, I suggest you update your present file along the lines described by Mirko, but then create a new file starting at the end of the last financial year.

    I still have my old data file which I use for reference to old spending and income and investment histories, but making a fresh start has enabled me to stand back and think through afresh where I want to go and how should I be going about it.

    Also, see my recent comment about not linking investment accounts to a specific cash or chequing account.

    Best wishes with your endeavours.

    Dan Fardon