Tracy KrupaTracy Krupa Member Posts: 1
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I have just purchased Reckon Accounts but it will not convert the data from my Quickbooks 12-13 data. Is there a fix to this problem?


  • ShaneShane Reckon Staff Posts: 560
    edited February 13

    Hi Tracy,

    Was your QuickBooks 12-13 Plus, Pro, Premier, etc?  And what about your Reckon Accounts, Plus, Pro, Premier, etc?

    Get back to us with that thanks.


  • Angela EdwardsAngela Edwards Member Posts: 16

    Hi I am having the same problem - upgrading from Quickbooks Plus 2012/2013 to Accounts business 2020

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,906 Administrator

    Hi @Angela Edwards

    What is happening specifically when you attempt to upgrade? Can you step us through the process and where things are going wrong. If you're getting an error message, take a screenshot and attach it.

    Have you reviewed the process & instructions in the Reckon Accounts installation & upgrade guide? I'll link it below as its got some very useful information on upgrading -

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