how to import csv to Personal Plus 2015?

Adam Macdonald
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I need to know how to import csv files into Reckon Personal Plus 2015?


  • Mirko
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    Hey Adam, what function are you trying to perform with the CSV file?
  • Adam Macdonald
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    I was trying to export everything from Pocketbook to Personal Plus 2015. In Pocketbook export features only export csv.
  • John Campbell
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    I find that the share price data can be downloaded from Comsec or others in a variety of .csv formats; most of which can be used.

    Import this into Excel and then convert to the format that is documented elsewhere, noting:

    • convert the date to English format

    • share volume is divided by 100

    • make sure to include the other fields as described ( not sure why)

    • there is a limit on daily volume to 20 million shares ( 200,000 shares/100); if > 20 mil, make it 199,999; use sort in excel

    • import all the data into excel first, then do the reformatting in one go; keep your changes systematic to eliminate errors.

    • If you include ASX codes that are not in your company list, they will be ignored, although it is quicker to only include valid codes.

    • this list can be for multiple codes and multiple days (it can be 1,000's of rows)

    • export this revised list as a .csv file with a short name (as you have to type it in)

    • Open QPP and then portfolio view then go to menu : File > import > import prices

    • give the full tree name of the .csv file

    You can then go to menu : investments > security detail view  and inspect the results.

    The format is:



    This approach is actually much more reliable than compared to the automatic download facility of QPP2015. You can import years of data, not just the last few days.


  • Adam Macdonald
    Adam Macdonald Member Posts: 5
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    I am using Personal Plus and I am not interested in investments at this stage. 

    Anyway, after many hours of search through google and I manage to find a excel vba codes to convert csv to qif by following QIF format rules from the wikipedia.

    Many thanks for trying to help. Sadly I wish there is mobile platform for personal plus software instead of business Reckon one mobile apps which is more different than personal.