business income vs. expenses - missing Income bar chart

Richard Chang_7319357
Richard Chang_7319357 Member Posts: 3
In business tab, Imcome vs. Expenses bar chart only display expense but do not display Income image Is this a bug or I need to do something in order to display income bar chart.


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    Hi Richard,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    Thanks for pointing this one out - I have notified our product managers for further investigation.

    There is a workaround - go to Reports > Graphs > Income and Expense by Category.
    However, by default, this chart will show all income and expense categories.
    Click on the Customise button and select just your business categories to produce a true Business Income vs Expense Graph.
    Then click on Save Report to memorise it and have it for easy retrieval later.

    Hope this is suitable for your needs.